Our Philosophy 

\ən, ᵊn\  \ˈpləs\ \ˈwən  \

While the minimum number of bikes one should own is 3, the correct number is n+1, where n is the number of bikes currently owned.

You always need 1 more.

( n+1 ) is the final piece in a vision for a third place, located in Rocket Bicycle Studio in Verona, WI. We have always envisioned a bike shop with space to fuel up on coffee or cap off a great bike ride with a beer.  Or maybe you’re just looking for a new place to hang out with your friends.

We want everyone in the community and all those who travel from afar, to feel at home in our space at n+1. Enjoy a cool and hip experience while you sip a perfectly made cup of coffee or one of our rotating tap beers. If time is of the essence swing in and take something from our grab-&-go area.


Our Specialty Coffee

We carry a very simple menu offering hand-brewed coffee, espresso, espresso + milk, juices, fizzy waters, as well as pastries and teas.

Our main coffee is roaster is local Rusty Dog Coffee. Our espresso drinks are our own special blend, the (n+1) experiment. Every few months you will experience different tasting notes as we like to, well, experiment!


We have also curated a fantastic selection of niche and elevated coffee roasters from around the nation. Our favs on deck right now are Onyx Coffee Lab, Black & White Roasters, Almanac Coffee Roasters, MoonGoat Coffee Roasters, Heartwood Roastery and Sunergos Roasters.


We also like caffeine. Our cafe drinks are made with two shots of espresso. We do this to create a more robust taste and texture. Choose from Sassy Cow whole milk or upgrade with one of our plant-based milks of hazelnut, cashew and almond from Elmhurst 1925, pistachio from Tache milk from  or oat milk from Oatly. All our milk offerings make your drinks a velvety experience you’ll love. If you want it a little less octane then ask us to pull one shot, or a decaf pull.



Our Local Pastries

Our scrumptious bakery goods in the morning, hand-made from Rosie’s Bakery and Batch Bakehouse, will kick your day off in good form. Need a bit more than a sweet treat? Scroll up to see our more substantial fare menu.


Sundays bring a different vibe and food menu brought to you by Origins Bread and Honey Bee Bakery, all local folks!

Our cooler is stocked with unique and fun beers. There is rotating taps to choose from. If you’re not a hoppy person, check out our wine list that you won’t see anywhere else! Shop for special reserve beers to take home or sit outside by our fire pits to enjoy a sip with a friend, safely!

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